Your Life is a Story Worth Telling

I document your family history – in the making. Offering you heirloom-quality photo albums, artwork, and beautifully edited family videos to pass down through the generations.

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Andrew & Tara

“Natasha came into our home as one of the first people to meet our newborn daughter. She was so very experienced and comfortable with handling our baby. She soothed baby easily. Her imagination in posing our baby was fun to be a part of.

Of course, the end result was uncompromising. Excellent photos taken by a consummate professional with a very high level of technical skill both behind the viewfinder and in post-processing.

We couldn't have been happier!”

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“Make of Yourself A Light”

Meet Natasha

Hi There!

I am a family photographer and filmmaker working professionally since 2016. My goal is to help you tell your family stories. I offer heirloom-quality prints because they are important as art, but also as history - your family's history. I offer videos because I would give just about anything to hear the sound of my grandparent's voices again.

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You deserve to document your story, beautifully