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Family Photos & Videos to Pass Down Through the Generations

Document Your Family History ... In the Making

I get it!

Your kids are growing up waaaaaaaaay too fast!

(and so are mine!)

There is no better gift to yourself and to them than to record their beautiful and ever-changing faces as they continue to grow.

And you know who else will absolutely treasure those images? Your grandkids and theirs. Don't believe me? Ask me about my grandmother's photos - a priceless legacy that we enjoy daily.

Heirloom Films & Photography captures your family stories through authentic photos, emotive family films, and modern storytelling interviews, while sourcing the highest-quality print products guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Capture Your Love

Document Your Stories

Celebrate Your Milestones

You can't stop time ...

... but you can come back and revisit the memories



“Natasha is passionate about turning this chapter in your life into heirloom albums and video so those nuances and unfiltered personalities will go down in history to be remembered for generations.”

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I believe your life is a story worth telling.

With over a decade of experience and more photography & videography workshops than I can count, I’ve polished the technical side of my craft to a fine-edged point. Instead of messing with the settings on my camera, I can focus my efforts on the families that I serve, capturing: 

  • The moments
  • The emotion
  • The love
  • The art of it all

And as my own family’s historian and keeper of all the stories, I know the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you sit down to look through the old photos or read the memoirs. And when I work with my clients, I keep a keen eye on the moments that you and your grandchildren will cherish.

Whether through still photos or moving videos, my goal is to create images of your family that bring you joy. And if you cry at your family film, then I consider it a compliment of the highest measure.

Meet Natasha

Hi There!

I’m Natasha Rigg - family photographer and filmmaker for busy families who want to preserve their stories for future generations.

I offer heirloom-quality prints because they are important as art, but also as history - your family's history. I offer videos because I would give just about anything to hear the sound of my grandparent's voices again.

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Melissa & Miguel

“Natasha delivers pictures that will be cherished for our lifetime. She captured the sweetness and love in our family and newborn son. She sees the moments between the poses and captures the candid looks between family members that embodies the love that is shared.

I recommend Natasha to anyone looking to capture the moments in life that are important, and want a fresh perspective, genuine emotion from the picture. You won't be disappointed.”

You deserve to document your story, beautifully