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You want to remember all the little details of your family's life, whether those chapters reflect the messiness of the everyday or record the milestones that punctuate your life.

Make it timeless and pass those stories down.

What's that famous saying? "Tide and time wait for no (wo)man." (Thanks Chaucer)

  • She doesn’t cry as much now, but she does still do that little shrug when she’s happy with how things are going.
  • Those chubby cheeks have slimmed down, but the toothy grin and contagious laughter still abound.
  • Sitting around the table listening to your grandmother tell your family stories - absolutely priceless.

Our stories define who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. I believe that passing these stories down to your kids and grandkids helps to shape their world.

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Heirloom Films & Photography is Boulder’s only photographer who can discuss earth’s history while documenting your family’s history.

Hi - I’m Natasha Rigg - and yeah, I guess I’ve got an affinity for history and storytelling. 

Since 2016, I’ve switched from telling stories of ancient geologic environments to recording family stories for my clients. Over the years, I’ve polished my craft through trial and error and more workshops than I can count. 

My goal is to create images of your family that bring you joy. And if you cry at your family film, then I consider it a compliment.

Recently, I’ve been compiling my grandmother’s memoirs, photos, and genealogy for my extended family and I realized there is no easily accessible way for people to capture their own high-quality family history stories for themselves. That's why I began offering documentary photos, emotive lifestyle family films, and modern storytelling interviews to help people preserve their family stories and pass them down to future generations.

That Gorgeous family of yours? Let's tell that story!

4 easy steps to create beautiful family heirlooms for your family.

Step 1.

schedule Your consultation call

What date are you looking at for your session? Are you wanting a lifestyle session in your home, a formal studio session, or are you envisioning a short hike in the mountains? Or maybe you are planning a family reunion or are interested in a Family History Session?

Are you envisioning a big family portrait over your fireplace or would you rather a beautiful photo album filled with images of your sweet family?

Let's discuss exactly what you'd like from your session as I plan your photoshoot with the end in mind.

Step 2.

enjoy your stress-free session

Whether you are scheduled for a shorter family session or you have a big event planned, I show up prepared and ready to go. I do not want you to worry about any of the details - those get hashed out during the consultation, and I strive to ensure sessions are easy-going and stress-free.

My goal is to record real emotions between you and your family, to record your family stories and create artwork to pass down to your children and grandchildren.

During COVID, I happily wear a mask for every session to protect your family, and mine.

Step 3.

View your session Slideshow

This is a celebration of you and your family, so set aside some time for the whole family to sit down, pop the corn, and enjoy your slideshow debut.

Within 4 weeks of your session, I'll send you your online slideshow of still images. Once you click the link, you'll have 24 hours to view your slideshow and decide which Collection you'd like to purchase.

Each Collection contains a number of digital images and a print credit to my online store, where you can shop for beautiful heirloom prints.

Step 4.

Purchase Your Collection

Digital images AND prints - It's the best of both worlds!

Once you purchase your Collection, your gallery will open so you can choose your favorite digital images to download.

As mentioned previously, every Collection contains a number of digital images and a print credit, so you only purchase the images that you love.

Family films are delivered within 8 weeks of your session and will be delivered directly to your online gallery.


Andrew & Tara

“Natasha came into our home as one of the first people to meet our newborn daughter. She was so very experienced and comfortable with handling our baby. She soothed baby easily.

Her imagination in posing our baby was fun to be a part of. Of course, the end result was uncompromising. Excellent photos taken by a consummate professional with a very high level of technical skill both behind the viewfinder and in post-processing.

We couldn't have been happier!”

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Random tidbits about me

I live in Boulder, Colorado

“I live here with my wonderful husband and two inspiring daughters. We've been here since 2007 and enjoy all the outdoor opportunities that abound.

I serve the Boulder area and surrounding mountain towns, but will fly just about anywhere.”

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You deserve to document your story, beautifully