Are you interested in a family session or do you have a big event coming up? Please reach out and we can schedule a consultation to discuss your vision. I look forward to working with you!

Not sure yet and have some questions? See the below FAQs or give me a call: 303-589-2688


Where are you located?

I'm in Boulder, Colorado and offer free travel up to twenty miles outside of zipcode 80305. For travel exceeding this distance, I do apply a travel fee to cover my time and wear & tear on my car.

What is your style of photography?

For most of my sessions, I offer a combination of documentary and lifestyle photography, depending on the occasion. For these shoots I focus on the relationships and love in your family. I might instruct a tilt of the head or snuggling in closer during a more casual portion of the shoot, but sometimes, the action is wonderful just as it happens, and so I document what I see. This approach to photography lends itself well to creating intimate family films too - capturing the action and the love as it happens, and I can do both photos and videos simultaneously for combo sessions.
I understand that it is also really nice to have some formal portraits, so I can offer posed shoots with professional lighting as well. It's super important to discuss your expectations ahead of time so I can ensure capturing the images that you want - that's why step 1 of my process is to meet with you at a consultation.

I'd really love to record a conversation with my grandparents about their stories. Can you help me do this?

Absolutely! In fact, I have so many ideas for integrating multiple generations through photos and videos, I am bursting at the seams! I would love to work on this type of project with you - whether during a family reunion, or in the quiet of your COVID-safe outdoor space. Give me a call, because this is a passion of mine!

Can I build my own package?

Yep - you sure can! I've tried to be explicit on my pricing so what you see is what you get. However, if you have an idea that doesn't quite fit what you see here, give me a call. I LOVE creating new things and toying around with different ideas.

I'm so awkward in front of the camera.

I get it! I was thrown in as a last-minute model at a photography workshop some years back and I understand how awkward it can be and how the photographer's instruction really, really matters in the final result. (Turn your head! Wait, which way? How much? Like this? What do you mean?)
In my lifestyle sessions, I am really focusing on capturing the love and emotions between family members. I might just revert to my documentary-style side for that bit, but I might also ask you to lean your heads together a bit more, or to squeeze in closely, as I know what makes a good photo. And I'll let you in on a little secret, movement is key! So I will likely prompt you to walk, or jump, or move in some way, because that helps to forget about the camera, and then the awkward just melts away.
For formal portraits, the pose and lighting is a substantial part of creating the image, so I've worked on lighting and posing techniques to ensure that my clients look their absolute best. I might just crack a really bad joke here just to get you to laugh.

Why should I book a video too?

Oh my gosh! I LOVE photography, but I am a video ZEALOT! Now, I definitely have photos that make me cry - memories of my family and the story of our lives that are so important to us, and I strive to provide exactly that for my clients. But, have you ever cried at a commercial? The power of video is incredible to elicit emotions and take you right back to the day. Now imagine your kids in those videos and their little voices forever recorded. Or the vows spoken during your wedding. Or the story of your ancestors told by your grandparents. If I can make you cry with your video, then I consider it a job well done. Truly. Your tears might very well be the highest compliment!

How soon after the session will my photos or videos be ready?

I guarantee that photos - whether from a family session or an event - will be ready for you within 3 to 6 weeks, after which we celebrate with your Debut and Ordering Appointment. I usually get everything done much sooner, but like to have that buffer for busier seasons. Video editing takes quite a bit more time and I guarantee videos be delivered to you within 12 weeks, but again, I generally beat my own deadlines.

What happens if we have bad weather for my outdoor session?

I can go with the flow for sure, and honestly, some of the best images are created in terrible weather (have you ever seen a monsoon over the Grand Canyon with waterfalls pouring over the red rocks?). However, if it's below freezing, or hurricane-force winds, I generally prefer to reschedule at no cost to you. If there is bad weather during your event, I will work hard to ensure we get some amazing images to commemorate your day despite the weather!

What is it like working with you during a photoshoot?

I generally like to have a lot of fun at my photo/video shoots, but I can also be really quiet and focused as well. I've been known to tear up at emotional moments, but don't worry, I never miss a shot. In fact, this just means I'm super tuned into whats happening and allows me to anticipate meaningful moments. I tend to over-prepare for my clients so that I can ensure that the day runs smoothly. Because of this, I insist on scheduling a consultation to meet with potential clients ahead of time and discuss expectations for your shoot.

How many photos will I get for my event?

For event coverage, I guarantee 40 edited images per hour of coverage. I generally exceed this amount and provide far more than the minimum. I do not cap the total images I provide to you, however. If it's a good photo and not a duplicate, then I include it in your gallery.
For a family session, I guarantee 30 - 40 edited images.
Finally, because of the nature of formal portrait sessions and the importance of lighting and posing, I guarantee 15 - 25 fully edited images from these sessions.

What happens if you get sick/injured and are unable to photograph our event?

I hope that doesn't happen, but it's smart to plan for that possibility. Because of this, I have a network of awesome photographers who can step into my place at events, as needed. I will still edit your session in my style and work with you to design your final artwork. Family sessions can either be rescheduled at no cost to you, or I can provide an associate to shoot in my place.

Are the digital files included?

To me, the artwork IS the reason to hire a photographer. If you're not printing your photos, why not? Will your kids be able to share your digital photos after you're gone? I'm not so sure. I have 100+ year old prints sitting on my desk right now, and I want to ensure your family has this option too.
For family sessions, digital files are included for every print that you purchase. Pricing for additional digital files is on a sliding scale based on your print product purchase.
For events, my base package pricing covers the cost of digital images. Because I feel so strongly about printing your photos, I offer a 20% discount on print products that are pre-ordered before your event (best time to pre-order is during your consultation session). Because Prints!

What is your backup workflow?

Great question! I learned the hard way that multiple backups are necessary (I'm not sure 2008 happened as we lost all of our personal photos due to a hardware crash!). I would feel terrible if I lost any images from your shoot. Therefore, all of my cameras have dual memory card slots, so I am recording to two different memory cards always - an immediate backup in case one of my cards is corrupted. After a session, images are immediately downloaded and copied out to three different places: two hard drives at home, and a third location on the cloud. These multiple backups protect against hardware failures, etc.

Do I get the copyright to my photos?

As the artist and creator of both video and photos, I own the copyright under U.S. copyright law. I do, however, provide you with a print release, which allows you to print and share your images or videos in a personal capacity. You cannot, however, apply these images for commercial use in any way. What does that mean? Well, you cannot enter your images into contests, or offer your images to your wedding vendor, flower, or hair and makeup artists from your event, for example. If vendors express interest in using images from your event in this capacity, I am happy to work with them to provide a commercial licensing agreement.

Tell me about your payment structure, etc.

Please see individual pricing guides for specifics. Every session includes a nonrefundable retainer fee due at booking in order to hold your session time/date. The remainder of the balance is due two weeks prior to your scheduled session date. I am happy to work out a payment plan if this is of interest to you, but all monies must be paid before your session. Cancellation of your session forfeits your retainer fee.

Because of the custom nature of printed artwork, all sales of print products are due during the ordering appointment, and all sales are final. If you are interested in a payment plan for artwork, I am happy to set that up for you, but your products will not be ordered until paid in full. I do collect sales tax on all product sold, including digital files purchased. I accept both credit card and check.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do carry both liability and equipment insurance to cover any mishaps. I can also provide a certificate of insurance to vendors, upon request.

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